Catching up

We didn't do many events this summer - just too dang hot!!  

We're doing more now that the weather has cooled off, AND we've recently been invited to attend a popup shop opportunity on Saturdays in Nov and Dec; and it's INDOORS.  So not only is it climate controlled, we don't have to set up and stake down a tent.  That's a real chore when you are by yourself! 

I also got new business cards! Gave out the last one to the clerk at Hobby Lobby and the new ones arrived the next day.  Whew, cutting it close!

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with where and when we will be live.  The online store is closed on days  we are at an event but we try to reopen it within 24 hours of the end of the event, just as soon as we can make sure inventory has been updated.

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